It’s actually funny…

..But yes. Some strange little boy with the spottiest of faces can’t recognise a Sinclair C5, despite all my eulogising about owning one last time around. And anyway, do they not know how to click a hyperlink when they see one? Tool.

Anyway, to the business of stuff. Due to the school being filled with primary school children, we all get the day off. I made use of such a day to A) Get a long-needed doctor’s appointment and B) See my brother (and Richard!) before Cappel tomorrow. It turns out that I need a blood test a week tomorrow to ensure that I don’t have diabetes, thyroid problems, liver implosion, intestinal dancing or spontaneous combustion. Lovely.

…I’ve actually forgotten what I was going to write about.

Wait, I remember now. Wasn’t this the strangest advert in the world?

Jesus. I bet that scared some toddlers.

Ok, that wasn’t actually it. I’m actually going to write about Linux (Pronounced Lih-NUCKs, peasants) and how I’ve finally got KDE4 working on the new desktop. KDE 4.1.1 to be precise. DO NOT GET 4.0. IT IS NOT VERY GOOD in terms of graphics and the like. You have been warned.


Cappel this weekend! I say ‘Whoo!’ to that! I also say ‘Whoo!’ to a lengthy article about it on my return. Whoo!

You may stop reading this post now. Or read it again if yous likes it. I’m now going to press the attractive looking ‘Publish’ button.

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I Have To Get One Of These.

Ok, so here I am. I come out of the cadet squadron after our getting-ready-for-cappel evening and what do I see? One of (Was it Rob’s?) friends, with the symbol of awesomeness itself, a Freakin’ SINCLAIR C5!

How cool can you GET!?

Now, the Sinclair C5 was a little before my time, but I still recognise them as the ultimate mode of transport due to the fact they were small, quick and looked like something from Back to the Future II. Sitting in one has been a lifelong ‘to-do’ (God knows why) and today I finally did that. Which makes me incredibly happy. Sadly, the one I went in had no working electric motor but who cares? It still looked cool. Damn cool. ‘Cos C5s do. I want one.

For those who have no idea what the Hell I’m blathering on about, give this a looksee: Sinclair C5 on Wikipedia.

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Generic Post #29

Did you know that this is a half-arsed post with no meaning or purpose?

Well, I guess I shouldn’t have left that long between updates. The sites’ even had complaints about a lack of updating. That’s a first.

Anyway, to business.

– I didn’t get around to that article about flying and now I’m not going to. Because I’ve forgot what happened.

– Ground training occurred. We didn’t do too badly, even though one of our models was painted with marker pens. IT WAS A GOOD TECHNIQUE IN THE TIME FRAME WE HAD. We should have got extra points for “Inventive use of Sharpies”.

– Shooting. Was close to getting a marksman. My grouping was certainly better than in Kinloss. Pete did better, to be expected as he actually knows what he’s doing, and ‘Gazza’ as I believe I’m legally required to call him now didn’t do half badly either.

– Got a new computer from school! Had to carry it home with Adams help, which was very useful as it weighs about as much as your house. It’s awesome now it’s got Linux on it.

– Saw my brother. We cooked fish.

– Birthday is in just under a month. Huzzah to that.

– Capel’s weekend after next. Huzzah to that, too.

– I get too lazy to write a proper article. Local newspaper calls this action ‘Risky’.

And that’s all. Until next time, when I can be bothered to write properly. Soon™.

– Lord Paddlington McGee

PS. I’ve just realised that my last post reads like one of those pyramid scheme emails everyone gets.

PPS. Everything you know is wrong.

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