Best thing in world found, some care

Er, Hi. Again. After a long hiatus, I’ve decided to finally post again because A) There’s some newsworthy events which are suitable for posting on a website and B) I’ve found what must be the best thing in the world, at all, ever.


And yes, “octopuses” is the correct plural. Don’t email me.

Check this critter out:



Ah, octopuses. I have absolutely no idea why they’re so cool. They just …are, and now they fit into my list of  “AWESOME THINGS” that incorporates items such as Cacti, the Sinclair C5 and the original Sega Mega Drive.

I have no idea which way the octopus is facing.

Uh, yes. I believe I did say there were NEWSWORTHY EVENTS..  They are many. For one, a friend of mine is – well, she was let out but she’s still ill – in hospital having an appendectomy, which for those with no idea means having her appendix out. It’s a bad deal, and I geniunely wish she gets better soon.

In far less important news, I’ve managed to completely dissasemble – then re-assemble – my Advent 8595. I’ve put the thing back together again because it takes up too much damn room.

In other computer news, I’ve transplanted the HDD from the Advent into a desktop I had knocking around anyway. Result: I’ve installed Ubuntu Intrepid on it and now it’s my dedicated rendering server.

Directly related to the above, I’ve switched my regular 3D renderer from YAFRay and Blender Internal – which are quick but not great for photorealism – to the Indigo Renderer – an unbiased raytracer – which is absolutely amazing. A good image may take three or four days to render, but my God it’s worth it. Take a gander at my gallery:




So yeah, pretty rudimentary stuff made to look amazing with Indigo. If you do 3D at all, I heartily recommend you get it. Exporters are available for every major 3D package.

So, that’s the last month rolled up into a handy bite-sized portion and washed down with a glass of milk. Cheers!


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TMSD Wishes You A Happy New Year.

Enjoy 2009!

-The TMSD Team.

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