TmSd rips off AVGN: Jungle Book on Sega Master System review.


Watch and die inside.

Anyway. Quick site news. I now apparently have 50 posts, which excluding the Site News – which doesn’t count – means that this is post #49. Jubilations!

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A Man’s Shelf is His Domain

Well, I can’t think of a proper opening to this post. All I can say is that it is unbelivably hard to try and track down a DVD of the Beetlejuice cartoon on the internet. Why is this? IT DOESN’T EXIST. But how was I supposed to know that? According to Wikipedia –

Ah.. Wikipedia.. May I bask in it’s eternal glory..

Sorry. That happens whenever I say that. Anyway, according to W*******a, there was three episodes of the cartoon on the DELUXE DVD of the Beetlejuice film. Which, just to piss me off, is not carried by any website here in the UK.

The regular one is though. I’ll probably buy it.

So yes, this renders my endless scouring through the results of what laughingly calls a search engine completely pointless.

Anyway, that spleen-venting aside, I think I should put up this:


Fig. 1. Sony made a lot of money off me in the late 1990’s.

Due to infinite boredom, I decided to categorise (and in the case of the Mega Drive and Saturn games – alphabetise) my various games. Clockwise, these are Mega Drive, Master System (in the white boxes), Saturn, PS1 and then a tiny fraction of the total PS2 games I have.

They’re around somewhere.

But yes, marvel in it’s glory. And forgive me for the lack of dry British humour tonight. I’m a little tired after hunting the internet for the Beetlejuice cartoon.

At the moment I have the page for Cool World up. I must be mad.

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Presenting: A lukewarm cup of electrical Hell.


Toast. Everyone likes toast, right?

Well, yes. Except what my toaster output today, which was quite frankly the worst culinary disaster in the history of mankind.

It’s a well known fact that your toaster will have a stupid setting that will reduce the input item – be it bread or for the more adventurous among us, a Pop Tart – to a plume of smoke and a brick of ash that will crumble if you look at it too hard, let alone remove it from the toaster, which you can’t do either because it will have been heated to 276,344 degrees celsius.

But yes, I put in a few slices of bread into the toaster. They were a little big and poked out the top, I thought, but hey! they would become delicious toast all the same, right?

Apparently not. What I got was a series of slices of raw bread each with a circle in the middle which the toaster had nuked into a cylinder of pure carbon.

As you can guess, I threw it away.

But you get my point, don’t you?

Why does every appliance or electronic item you buy come with so many settings, half of which defeat the purpose of the item in the first place? My dryer – or rather the dryer in the house I live in – actually has a “slightly damp” setting. Now, pray, what is the use of that? Why does a DRYER have an option to leave your clothes still wet? That’s like a fridge having a “Temperate” setting or an oven having an “Increased Salmonella” mode.

Now, I’m sure there is a reason why somebody out there would want slightly wet clothes. But short of insanity I cannot fathom it at all.

I think I shall wrap this post up now, because great pillars of smoke are billowing from my toaster. Must dash.

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