What rocks about the Super Nintendo..


I’m not exactly sure how this article should begin. Y’see, finally owning a Super Nintendo is a big deal for me. As a lover of classic games, it’s great to finally be able to own what is considered by many to be the embodiment of the Golden Age of Video Gaming.

I’ve bought some more games for the system – I now have exactly four, with Earthworm Jim arriving soon as a fifth. This is the smallest library of games I have for any of my consoles.. well, apart from the Game Boy Colour, but my original Game Boy games compensate for that. I was initially surprised to learn that the SNES doesn’t actually play NES games semi-natively, in the same way that the Mega Drive would still play Master System games by use of the power base converter*, but it’s fair enough, and even if it did I’d only end up buying an NES anyway.

We’re drifting a little here. The SNES is a superb console, and I love it. At the moment I have these games:

  • Super Mario World
  • Super Mario All-Stars
  • Starwing/Starfox
  • NBA All-star-basketball-men-running-around-nonsensical-mess
  • Oh, and Earthworm Jim in the post. Haven’t played it yet. Duh.

They’re good fun, with the exception of the basketball game, but I’ve already written about that. Fricking LJN. I can see why the AVGN hates them so much. Why do I keep spelling already with two ‘L’s? Hooray for spellcheckers.

I kind of like Super Mario World, which is surprising as being a long-time Sonic fan I thought I’d automatically hate it. It’s good fun, it’s what you think of as a platformer, it’s.. just Mario, really.

I still prefer Sonic.

Now, I’m most certainly looking forward to the arrival of my Earthworm Jim cart. The game is made by Shiny, a studio that made one of my all-time favourites: Wild 9 on the Playstation. I know I haven’t mentioned it before, but it has been one of my firm favourites for a long time. It deserves an article to itself and that’s what it’ll get in time. Anyway, I expect similar awesomeness from Earthworm Jim. It certainly looks great, in any case.

One other thing has actually surprised me about the Super Nintendo. After reading about it’s technical superiority over the Mega Drive, I was expecting the games to be considerably different in look and feel from the Mega Drive. Quite thankfully, it feels like a 16-bit system, and I love it.


*Now that’s something that’s gone from video gaming – the silly names for a “Console”.. could you imagine a Wii “Power Base” or a 360 “Control Deck”?


One year of tmSd.. Aren’t you happy!

TMSDoneyearWell, there it is, guys. One year of tmSd. We’ve come a long way from when this site was first put up way back in 2008 as “Plant’s Twisted Mind”.. Looking back, it’s great to see the way the site has evolved over the year into what you see today, and not just because of it’s 244,000 logo redesigns and header changes.

We’ll do something special for the anniversary of the Grand Opening, because that’s when tmSd really started to fly.