We’re back on the air, been a while, eh?


Oh wow.

Now, I know I’ve said this millions of times before, but that was far too long between updates. I mean, Jeez.

Now for the reason why.

And another line so I can press the enter key again.

This site started out as a site for my personal witticisms and musings. When it became apparent that nobody cared – in the same way that I refuse to read blogs about people’s cats and what they ate for breakfast that morking – I switched to computing, namely Linux and why it was king of everything. Then I switched to being a gamer blog, after I realised that computer news around here is slow and generally dull. And who wants to read about how I finally managed to get that piece of an Oreo out from under my shift key?

Well, now is the time for yet another rebrand, with a lengthy story why.

I’ve had quite a lot of computers in my time, but they’ve always been clogged with crap as soon as I got them to the point where they barely functioned as computers. However, after spending £500 – which is a $%&*ing huge amount of money for me – I’m now the owner of a shiny new Packard Bell iMedia, which I shall now grandly read out the specs of:

  • AMD Phenom X4 Quad-Core processor
  • 512MB nVidia G100 graphics card – an entry-level card, yet still light years beyond anything I’ve owned before.
  • 4GB of RAM, although not all of it is usable as Vista came pre-installed as 32-bit.
  • 640GB Hard Disk Drive.
  • Blu-Ray playback
  • Support for surround sound, alas I don’t own a speaker system that can utilise it’s full potential as of yet.
  • 22″ Acer monitor at 1680×1050, which I actually had anyway – see the last Christmas post for more on how great that is.
  • 32-bit Windows Vista Home Premium edition, with a free upgrade to Seven when it’s released.
  • Other little nick-nacks, like a card reader, and soon it’ll have a beautiful Apple keyboard, which after extensive research I know will work with Windows.

Well, I’m certainly massively impressed with this beast, and it’s in no danger of becoming obsolete any time soon, it would appear. There is one huge bonus here, however:

It can play PC games.

And I mean, proper PC games you go and buy from a shop, with some of the finest visuals I’ve ever seen.

Now, I’ve had reasonably powerful computers before this. My Packard Bell iExtreme with it’s 128MB PNY Verto 5200 was pretty good in it’s day, alas I simply wasn’t into PC games at that time beyond Microsoft Flight Simulator and Auran Trainz. Next up was my lappie, which is still a brilliant little computer and is always my companion wherever it can be. This had a 384MB ATi Radeon 200M GPU, which wasn’t bad. It suffered from a major Achilles heel however, or more like a broken leg. Why? ATi’s driver support for this chip is GOD AWFUL. It’s a huge pity, as when it did run it ran very nicely. It’s downfall was that there was no OpenGL support at all. And really, I mean absolute zero. Even though that’s not such a problem with most high-end games these days, it was a vast issue with most games I had, which didn’t run at all or at best ran at less than one frame per second. This wasn’t such an issue when I bought a second drive for it which runs Ubuntu Linux, as I have never really tried any Linux games on it.

Upon purchase of this new computer – which has Windows on it, which I don’t plan to change any time soon – I realised I could suddenly play all of these titles that had been out of reach. Things like Portal, and Mirror’s Edge were now accessible to me without having to swallow my pride and buy an Xbox or Playstation 3 – which at least in my opinion are inferior to a PC for a lot of games.


So yes, the jist of this little backstory is that I can now play PC games. And since TMSD has been both a gaming blog and a computer site, I’m going to smoosh the two together and see what Frankenstein creation results.

That's a pretty poor GIMP job, actually.









Fig. A: It’s alive! ALIIIIVE!

Anyway, I’m off to France for a week starting tomorrow, so the Frankenstein shenanigans will have to wait. Goodnight!


STOP PRESS: I’ve actually updated the graphics card to a model that isn’t hanging off the bottom of nVidia’s range. You’ll be sure to hear about that sometime.