About Dull Hypothesis. And by extension, me.

DH is an online journal of things that excite me, interest me, bother me, irritate me, feed me, smell me, and wave vaguely at me in the street before realising that I’m not somebody it knows.

Who am I? I’m James. I’m twenty, live in Manchester, and I’m a Biomedical student. This is a strange photograph from when I had short hair:

DH is a site I run for fun. You should have fun when you read it, I hope. That’s pretty much all there is to it.

Why Dull Hypothesis? The name is a pun on ‘null hypothesis’, a term used throughout science to define a default state in an experiment. For an example, a null hypothesis in a medical trial might be that a course of treatment has no effect.

The site used to be called The Measuring Spoon Drawer, or TMSD, an abbreviation you might find scattered around the older stuff still. I changed it when I became a student.

I update every Friday. This something I introduced recently to ensure there’s always something new to read, so a lot of the older posts are widely spaced apart. If you have any questions, mail me at jplant@jamesctplant.com.

Read it, love it.